Month 5 SEO Process Overview

Content Creation and Publishing

We write and publish 500-words of high-quality content for your website as either a blog post or another page, thoroughly optimized to target longtail and buyer intent keywords. We submit the article for approval by you before posting. The article features correct on-page elements, interlinked using our internal anchor text strategy.

Google Site Microsite

We create a custom Google Site’s Site with optimized embeds, media, and interlinked to a network of other relevant Google properties. These Google sites are effectively used to push rankings to other brand properties such as the website, a My Map, or an important industry listing or citation.

Branded Link Building

We continue building brand links this month to help diversify anchor text and gain links from high authority sites safely. We build about 40 branded links this month spread across 4 target pages of the website on platforms such as web 2.0’s, social sharing sites, media sharing sites, industry directories, and online community profiles.

Google Network Link Building

This strategy expands upon the Google Site created above and includes an interlinked network of Google assets that are publicly indexable and can be used for brand mentions and keyword relevancy including 12+ Interlinked Public Google Drive Properties that funnel SEO value back to the optimized Google Site.

Tier 2 Google Network Links

We promote the entire Google Microsite Network with quality tier 2 links designed to safely boost the Google properties while funneling additional relevance and equity to our target pages.

Deep Link building

We use the optimized blog post as the target for additional link building, to help funnel link equity to our targeted pages. This promoted blog post strategy helps to capture even more keywords and traffic because the posts will often rank for longtail keywords while serving as a gateway for our link equity.


Advanced Link Building, Link Mapping, And Link Targeting

DR50+ Google News Link

Get featured on websites approved by G news. Each website approved was manually reviewed by the team at G. DR50+ and Organic Traffic 1k+. G News Sites Carry trust that will benefit your website tremendously. Great for Local and National clients.

High Traffic Guest Posts (Low Comp: 1, Mid Comp: 2, High Comp: 3)

Backlinks can boost your rankings…if they’re from reputable, authority sites, that is. We place your links on real websites with real traffic so that you can get real results.

Niche Link Placements (Low/Mid Comp: 5, High Comp: 10)

Each month we will acquire high-quality, niche-relevant backlinks. These links will be links on real websites and blogs. Our writing team finds topically relevant blogs and sites and our outreach team goes to work securing you the best links available. If you need more posts, select our option of additional links for even more ranking boost.

Tiered Link Stack (1 EDU Post and 5 Network Links)

These tier 2 links will be used to boost the Google News or Guest Post links by building out the backlink graph of the tier 1 linking pages.

Index Links

Every link your site earns is hand submitted to a multi-step process that ensures Google will crawl and evaluate your new links.